US v Schulte – Transcript and Exhibit Library

Below are the transcripts purchased for the public by the Calyx Institute. For the sake of ease of use, I am posting a library where they can all be found together.

The trial is expected to last a month or more. Court transcripts are expensive.

Calyx Institute, through the work of Jeff Landale and others, granted a $2,500 budget, but we could expect to pay up to around $4,000 or more for the entire proceeding (running at 200 to 300 pages a day). The quote for open sessions was $1.20 a page for open and closed. On Feb. 10, 2020 and thereafter a price of $1.05 per page was negotiated for the remainder of the trial (and/or our budget).

Patrick Gray at the cybersecurity podcast, Risky Business, donated an additional $1,500 to the cost of transcripts. In addition four other individuals have donated a total of $125.00 for transcripts to date. Hopefully this will get us through the expected one month trial.

If it looks like the trial will go past a month, we will ask for donations again..

Audio and Video Exhibits

Schulte Audio 1
Schulte Audio 2
Schulte Audio 3
Schulte Audio 4
Schulte Audio 5
Schulte Audio 6
Schulte Audio 7
MCC Video 1
MCC Video 2