The Master Timeline

This timeline is a research work product that relies on information obtained from both open source and traditional investigative methods.

It now includes information related to the prosecution of Joshua Schulte, on trial for espionage in the Southern District of New York for leaking Central Intelligence Agency cyber weapons to WikiLeaks in Spring of 2016. It also includes the US case against Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

Work on this timeline began about a month or so before the court-martial of Chelsea Manning in the winter of 2011, which I previously published on

Due to the association with material leaked by WikiLeaks associates at various outlets with information dumped by Shadowbrokers, the mysterious online group that distributed NSA cyber exploits between 2016 and 2017, I have incorporated material from SH20TAATSB18.

I want to get this up in time for the legal proceedings against Schulte, Assange, Bini, et al.

You will see me in it cleaning and transferring over columns of source information that are hidden (due to my special taxonomy). I also have included all of WikiLeaks tweets and publications since the organization joined Twitter in 2008. I will be adding a couple missing years that are relevant to the Schulte and 2016 election interference later this evening.

You can sort by year and category, which I highlight in different colors to be able to absorb events at a glance.

The Spring of 2016 into 2017 was a very busy period for WikiLeaks. In March just as public reporting indicates activities related to 2016 election interference operations took place, WikiLeaks was frantically looking for staff. This was also at a time when Schulte was having issues at the Central Intelligence Agency and lost access to the computer systems he was later alleged to have hacked and disseminated to WikiLeaks.

In mid to late 2016 and 2017 a confluence of 2016 election interference, Shadow brokers, and CIA cyber weapons hacking and leaks evidence the a U.S. Intelligence Community beset on all sides.

Not everything, known or knowable is contained in this timeline. I will continue to add to this.