Witnesses for the USG that the Court ruled allowed closed session who have stipulations of testimony | US v Pfc. Manning

This list contains the names of witnesses the Court ruled would be allowed to testify in a closed session. The Court also ruled that redacted unclassified versions of their testimony would be expeditiously made available to the public. Due to the recent development some of these witnesses have had their testimony entered as stipulations of testimony. If we have heard a stipulation of testimony entered into Court record I have noted that below. Any stipulation of testimony in lieu of live closed session testimony would be classified.

(1) Brigadier General Retired Robert Carr, DIA

(2) Colonel Julian Chestnut, DIA

(3) Classified Witness Entirety

(4) Ms. Elizabeth Dibble, Department of State, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs


(6) Rear Admiral Kevin Donegan, Naval Warfare Integration, Pentagon (STIPULATION)

(7) Mr. John Feeley, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Department of State (STIPULATION)

(8) Ambassador Patrick F. Kennedy, Under Secretary for Management, Department of State

(9) Mr. John Kirchhofer, DIA

(10) Ambassador Michael Kozak, Department of State

(11) Classified Witness Entirety

(12) Mr. Daniel Lewis, DIA

(13) Mr. Randall Mcgrovey [sp.?], DIA

(14) Mr. James McCarl, Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO)

(15) Major General Kenneth F. McKenzie, USMC Headquarters Staff

(16) Mr. James Moore, Department of State (STIPULATION)

(17) Major General Michael [last name like, “Ma-guy”] McGuy, Joints Staff Pentagon

(18) SSA [Supervisory Special Agent] Alexander Pott [sp.], FBI

(19) Ambassador David Pearce, Department of State (STIPULATION)

(20) Mr. Adam Pearson, JIEDDO

(21) Mr. H. Dean Pittman, Department of State (STIPULATION)

(22) Classified Witness in Entirety

(23) Ambassador Stephen Seche, Department of State (STIPULATION)

(24) Mr. David Shaver, US Department of Treasury (STIPULATION)

(25) Mr. Catherine Stobel [sp.], CIA (STIPULATION)

(26) Ambassador Don Yamamoto, Department of State (STIPULATION)

(27) Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Department of State; and (STIPULATION)

(28) Mr. Joseph Yun, Department of State (STIPULATION)