Nicholas Murphy Unclassified Stipulation, 117 Charged State Dept Cables with Links | US v Pfc. Manning

The following cables were listed in the stipulation of testimony of Mr. Nicholas Murphy, Senior Advisor for the Office of Information Program (I.P.S.), Bureau of Administration at the Department of State. Murphy conducted a classification review of 117 cables charged against Manning under the Espionage Act – 18 U.S.C. 793(e).

There are 117 charged Department of State Cales or Telegrams. They are listed below. 96 cables, Murphy said, were classified CONFIDENTIAL in whole or part, and 21 are classified at SECRET in whole or in part.

I thank Joanne Michele and Data Porn Star for helping me format this information with links.

These cables are not contained in the Cablegate publication by WikiLeaks:

  • 10TOKYO627
  • 10BRUSSELS382
  • 10GENEVA347
  • 10LIMA333
  • 10PRETORIA636
  • 10RABAT294