Damage assessment author primary State Department liaison to FBI & Watch List

According to an October 6, 2009 U.S. State Department cable published by WikiLeaks, the author of the original August 2011 "draft" WikiLeaks State Department damage assessment also "coordinates counterintelligence and sensitive law enforcement operations and policy" for the Department of State and its self described "global law enforcement agency," the Diplomatic Security Service. Raymond G. McGrath, the Director of Counter-Intelligence and Consular Support in the Bureau of Intelligence and Research,…

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Witness | US v Pfc. Manning, President Barack Obama

UPDATE POST COURT-MARTIAL United States v. Pfc.Manning was conducted in de facto secrecy. The public was not granted contemporaneous access to court filings or rulings during her trial. In addition to reporting on her trial, I transcribed the proceedings, reconstructed the censored appellate list, and un-redacted any publicly available documentation, in order to foster public comprehension of her unprecedented trial. As a result of a lawsuit against the military judge…

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