US Command ‘Clinton, Gates too expensive to produce’ for Manning court-martial

Manning's defense lawyer, David Coombs reports that Colonel Carl R. Coffman Jr., the Commander of Joint Base Myer and the Special Court Martial Convening Authority, denied the defense's request to conduct oral depositions of nine essential witnesses including former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, and current Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Coffman determined that the "difficulty, expense, and/or effect on military operations outweighed the significance of the expected testimony," despite…

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Witness | US v Pfc. Manning, President Barack Obama

UPDATE POST COURT-MARTIAL United States v. Pfc.Manning was conducted in de facto secrecy. The public was not granted contemporaneous access to court filings or rulings during her trial. In addition to reporting on her trial, I transcribed the proceedings, reconstructed the censored appellate list, and un-redacted any publicly available documentation, in order to foster public comprehension of her unprecedented trial. As a result of a lawsuit against the military judge…

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