U.S. Army says Manning docs taken down, because 400 docs are being uploaded

In April 2013, I made a Freedom of Information Act Request for over 400 appellate exhibits missing from a reconstructed appellate exhibit list that I forensically reconstructed from transcripts I had taken, and a smattering of available defense legal filings.

A few days ago journalists noticed that the 84 documents posted previously by the U.S. Army Management and Declassification Agency were no longer available.

According to a email exchange I had with Military District of Washington, the library was pulled in order to facilitate the uploading of 400 documents. A spokesperson for the MDW said the site should be reestablished today. Here is a searchable database I have created of all the currently available court rulings, legal filings, and transcripts.

According to Shayana Kadidal at the Center for Constitutional Rights, who recently filed suit in federal district court in Baltimore with prominent journalists over the lack of access to court rulings and legal filings in the Manning case:

"If true, this is clearly a reaction to the looming hearing in our federal lawsuit, as there's no reason the military would have planned to data-dump these documents *after* the trial had started if it were genuinely interested in transparency. A significant amount of material exculpatory to Manning was redacted from the 84 orders released in February, and we'll be interested to examine how much exculpatory material is blacked out of these 400 documents."

Email from the Military District of Washington below:


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